Why Staging Works

Preparing your house for sale can be an overwhelming task. Many potential sellers ask themselves, “Where should I even start?” Working with a home stager from the start can help lessen the stress and help you focus on presenting your home in the best possible light. With Abode, I have developed tools for homeowners to tackle the seemingly impossible task of readying your home with room-by-room checklists with step-by-step tasks.

But what if you have already purchased a new home and your former home is empty? The truth of the matter is, your buyers most likely will not be able to see the potential of an empty home. 9 in 10 people cannot visualize the potential of your empty property. Staging your property does more than just decorate your home. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes spend 70-80% less time on the market than empty homes. That’s that much less time you’ll be paying two mortgages and utilities for a property you don’t live in. Not only that, but staged properties typically sell for more money than empty ones, because they tend to be at the top of buyers’ must-see lists, making them stand out from other listings.

Most people will make their decision about a home in less than 15 seconds. Presenting an ideal vision of your listing is the best way to capture buyers’ attention and help them fall in love with your home. Over 80% of potential buyers surveyed by the Real Estate Staging Association reported that staging helped them to visualize themselves living in the home, which is the first step to securing an offer.

A common question we get: Is staging worth the investment? Let’s take a look at the numbers. Most staging installations cost between less than 0.5% and 1% of the asking price. About one third of buyers offer 1-10% OVER the asking price of a staged home. On average, your return on investment with home staging is 586%! Not only that, but because staged homes spend less time on the market, you are much more likely to receive full-priced offers. You will recoup your investment, and then some, at the closing table, all while closing sooner.

Selling a home is stressful. There are so many factors that come into play. Hiring a home stager can eliminate many of those stressors, netting you a higher sales price in less time so that you can move on (literally!) and enjoy your new home. Abode can help. Let’s talk!.

– Heather

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